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relax body and mind, do yoga and pilates in this beautiful scenery. Image by Kace  Rodriguez

Heartstone Wellness

Journey to Life Long Health
thru the world of Yoga, Pilates and MELT

Rock Balancing like body and mind balance through yoga, Pilates and MELT


Welcome At Heartstone Wellness!

Our goal is to offer you a broad range of classes in a small group setting that will help you feel connected on your path to health and pain free living. We like to offer an environment that's friendly, fun, relaxing, and personalized to everyone's needs. We also offer one-on-one sessions as to better tailor to your needs and/or physical challenges.


Recently we moved into a newer and bigger location to serve you better. Heartstone Wellness incorporates a variety of practices in Yoga, Pilates, and MELT. We know that the road to mental and physical wellness is not a one size fits all practice, so we help each one of you find the right class! Or when individual sessions are preferred, we tailor your one-on-one sessions to your specific needs/limitations/goals towards heath and wellness.

Are you new to yoga and do you want to try something different and new? We have the space for you!

Are you an experienced yogi and do you want to continue practicing in a relaxed, intimate environment? We have the space for you!

While dealing with life's challenges, would you like to learn different techniques to navigate them? We have the space for you!  Through the practice of yoga and/or meditation you'll learn where the body is holding stress, how you can release that and find your inner calm. It'll give you the strength, the flexibility, the confidence in self to work through it.

Do you want to work out and feel strong, flexible and pain free, but you feel you are limited? We have the space for you! Yoga, Pilates and MELT are a great way to get back in shape!

Don't forget to check out our special event page. Heartstone Wellness offers different weekend special 90 minute classes to have fun, get together with friends, build our community and share Yoga, Pilates and MELT with one another!!

Yoga. Pilates and MELT is for everybody, every-body, every age!

Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle? 

We're looking forward to help you!

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Satisfied Clients

Ynske is an amazing Pilates and yoga instructor! I love her classes because she adapts how she teaches according to my needs/limitations. I have gotten stronger and love going to class :)


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located at

14150 Huffmeister Rd, suite 100

Cypress TX 77429

713 560 2426

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room with a peaceful view while doing Yoga, Pilates and MELT in small group and/or private session
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